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update to convenience store tornado

My friend Jenn Bailey found this incredible update to yesterday’s post.

See just what those incredible people lived through, and what they will continue to live with for all time:

Thanks to izelsg for letting us bear witness.


what real people do in the face of death

I can’t get this video out of my head. There’s not much to see. It’s a group of people taking cover in a convenience store as the Joplin tornado bears down on them. WARNING: This is real, and intense.

A group of strangers who think they are about to die.

One prays.

A man attempts to comfort the bunch–“We’re gonna be okay.”

Another man professes his love for everyone.

A child cries.

This is what people really do when faced with death. They don’t make big speeches and reflect on backstory.

They call out to their God.

Take care of each other.

Think of the ones they love.

Panic a little.

I’m afraid when my time comes, I’ll be the one cussing.

**A wonderful charity helping Joplin right now is Heart to Heart International, based in Olathe Kansas

You think you’ve seen stuff like that picture up there before. You haven’t. Those were movies. THIS IS REAL.

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