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deep thoughts

I was thinking today, about how much I think before I write.

And then, I wondered if I was procrastinating, by thinking about thinking before I write.

But then, I thought well, I’m thinking.  Isn’t thinking…work?

I think thinking is work.  But I’m not sweating.  And I’m not sore.  But I am getting unhappy.

So it’s got to be work.  And I’m starting to moan some.

So yeah, it’s work.

So I’m thinking and moaning, which is working, not procrastinating…

And then I think that it is procrastinating after all unless I do something.

Because for an action to be truly acknowledged as work it has to produce something.

So here it is.

The End.


last stab at procrastination


Speak to me, Twitter.

Three e-mail accounts, silent.

No choice left.  Must write.


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