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guest-blog #2

I’m baAaAaAack!!!!

1st- The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

2nd- Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs

3rd- Spongebob Squarepants

4th- Criminal Minds

5th- Bones

6th- House

7th- Law and Order


Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs


Mike Rowe started out in a paid program called QVC. He was fired many times for reasons unknown.

He tried out a few more shows and jobs until he found his true calling in Dirty Jobs. Before that, he also sang in the Baltimore Opera.

His most famous episode was when he went to visit the “Snake Lady” in Rhode Island. You might say that he is….tasty. Watch and enjoy Mike’s pain XD.



If you watched it then you might understand what I am going to say next.

He seriously has the worst luck ever.

1. The snakes chewed him.

2. He pretty much lost a baseball game for the team he was working for.

3. I will think of more later.


Here is his resume in alphabetical order!


Kansas City Airport Maintenance
Kansas City Airport Runway Painter
NASA Shuttle Crawler


Animal Jobs

Alligator Farmer
Alpaca Shearer
Avian Vomitologist
Bat Biologist’s Assistant
Bee Keeper
Bird Tagger
Bloodworm Digger
Bug Breeder
Chick Sexer
Cow Feed Lot Worker
Cow Hoof Trimmer
Dog Groomer
Duck Wrangler
Exotic Animal Keeper
Fainting Goats Farmer
Goat Milk Soap Maker
Hippo Wrangler
Horse Ferrier
Horse Inseminator
Island Horse Keeper
Monkey Rehabilitation Worker
Mosquito Control Officer
Ostrich Farmer
Penguin Keeper
Pest Control Technician
Pig Farmer
Pregnant Cow Examiner
Snake Breeder
Snake Researcher
Termite Exterminator
Turkey Farmer
Wild Goose Swabber
Yaks and Big Animal Veterinarian
Zoo Keeper



Billboard Installer
Bridge Painter
Chimney Sweeper
Concrete Chipper
Demolition Man
Fire Overhauler
Frac Tank Refurbisher
Hot Tar Roofer
House Mover
Mule Logger
Parade Float Demolition Worker
Spray Installation
Well Digger
Wine Barrel Maker
Wine Cave Digger



Brewery Vat Cleaner
Candy Factory Worker
Casino Buffet Recycler
Cheese Maker
Coffee Bean Picker
Micro Algae Farmer
Mushroom Grower
Potato Farmer
Sausage Maker
Sugar Cane Farmer
Taro Farmer



Bell Maker
Bio Diesel Fuel Maker
Cobb Home Builder
Geo Thermal Driller
Hotel Keeper
House Deconstruction Worker
Hydro Seed / Erosion Control
Malibu Creek Clean-Up
Mud Shampooer
Poo Pot Maker
Put-In-Bay Seaweed Harvester
Reef Ball Worker
San Francisco Debris Collector
Sludge Remover
Storm Drain Cleaner
Tank Liner Cleaner
Transfer Station Utility Worker
Tree Stump Remover
Wine Maker



Charcoal Maker
Coal Miner
Coke Hopper Cleaner
Concrete Stamping
Copper Foundry Worker
Jug Pot Maker
Leather Tanner
Lithograph Press Worker
Marble Quarrier
Rock Quarrier
Salt Miner
Salvage Worker
Scrap Metal Worker
Special Effects Mask Maker
Stone Cutter
Terra Cotta Maker
Underwater Logger



Air Force Fuel Tank Cleaner
U.S. Army Vehicle Mechanic


Nautical Fishing

Boat Mooring Repairman
Catfish Noodler
Crab Fisherman
Crawfish Catcher
Fish Gutter
Geoduck Harvester
Kelp Harvester
Lobster Fisherman
Marine Mammal Rescuer
Marine Salvager
Mussel Harvester
Oyster Fisherman
Oyster Shucker
Salmon Carcass Counter
Seabass Fisherman
Stamford Water Barrier Repairman
Steam Ship Boiler Cleaner
Yacht Builder



Heating Oil Tank Remover
Mud Driller
Oilfield Roughneck



Disaster Clean-Up Crewman
Garbage Collector
Gum Remover
Odor Eater
Road Kill Remover
Septic Tank Cleaner
Sewage Treatment Plant Operator
Sewer Inspector
Skull Cleaner
Waste Engineer


Shark Week 2006

Chain Metal Suit Tester
Necropsy Technician
Shark Repellant Tester
Shark Spotter/Researcher
Shark Tagger
Shark Taxidermist
a Shark Wrangler



Lava Evaluator
Worm Poop Rancher



Bar-B-Q Smoker
Baseball Mud Gatherer
Bowie Bay Sox Baseball Groundskeeper
Crew Cruise Director
Golf Ball Collector/Diver
Pipe Organ Cleaner
Spa Mud Mixer
Special Effects Artist/Victim
Surfboard Shaper



Auto Salvage
Gandy Dancer
Tire Recycler
Tire Retreader


Yes. That is all he has so far!

I urge all of you to watch this show. He adds a certain charm to the screen. I can’t quite put my finger on what makes him so darn funny! He will certainly make you smile. XD << like that. XD


If you choose to watch it you can rent the second season from the library. Or you can watch it on the Discovery Channel!! Thanks for reading/watching!


one of a kind

My Occasional Guest Blogger, Freckles McYoungest made her first entry yesterday. 

 I think she did a good job.  She was clear and concise, used interesting information and gave audio-visual demonstrations.

It’s not easy being the youngest.  The last of the tribe is always one step behind, busting a gut to keep up with the older siblings.  It’s especially hard when the brothers and sisters in front of you are high-achieving.

But guess what.  Freckles McYoungest is her own person with her own interests.  And most of them are socially acceptable.

She has put a Scottish flag on our porch.  (Are we Scottish?  Well, of course not!)

She quotes Monty Python.  (“I banged me gavel, I waggled me wig.”)

She plays Halo on her Xbox. 

Her goal this summer:  Become nocturnal.

She can wiggle her neck like it’s on a swivel.  (“Oh no you di-in’t!”)

She laughs in her sleep.

Freckles McYoungest is one fascinating specimen.

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