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a lack of imagination

This may sound like a dig, and I don’t mean it to be…

But how can you non-creative human beings bear to live?

As I drove to our Sekrit Writing Cave today, I thought about all those years I wasn’t writing.  Only I realize now–I was.

I wrote letters.  Corresponded on internet forums.  Took imaginative meeting notes and composed hilarious PTA announcements.

In addition, I quilted and cross-stitched, sewed adorable kid-clothes and costumes, Indian beaded on a loom and with the brick stitch and peyote stitch, stuffed sock monkeys, and gardened.  I cooked, cleaned, ran errands and changed diapers, volunteered and took care of three kids, a husband and an elderly mother.  But I always had some creative outlet, even if I could only spend 10 minutes a day on it.

If I didn’t, I was insane.

There are lots of people out there who don’t feel that way.  They go to work, come home and do something like watch sports.  Now, I like baseball.  I think it’s great if you coach your kid’s team.

But really?  Is that your only interest?  Nothing else?  Not art?  Music?  Literature?

Sock monkeys?

I confess, I wonder about people who don’t have anything to express.

Where are your souls?

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