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be a human

This actually happened to me Friday.

I walked into a restaurant vestibule. A lady turned around and looked at me.

She turned around and looked at me again.

She turned around a third time and said, “This is weird, but I’m going to say it. My mother died in 1993, and you are so much younger, but you look just like her.”

Me, smiling politely: “Oh, really?”

Her: “You look so much like her I just want to hug you.”

Me: “I’ll hug you.”

And that woman fell into my arms and hugged me long and hard.

Then the restaurant host asked if we wanted a table for two, and she said, “Oh, we don’t know each other.” And  we laughed. He looked at us funny, and she blushed and left.

But she came back with her lunch companion and said, “See? Remember I told you about my mother who died so young? She looked just like this lady.” And they both stared at me.

So I waved.

And the companion said, “Hi, Mom.”

And I said, “Hello.”

And the companion said, “But I guess we’re about the same age.”

I said, “Oh, maybe.”

And the original lady said, “We’re going to go eat on the patio so I don’t stare at you any more.”

And I said, “It’s okay. It must be very strange.”

She said, “Thanks for the hug.”

You know, we both felt good after that.

I wish we would all be human. All the time.

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