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pick-a-link for writers!!!



  • Language Realmfor English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese and Latin. Includes sources for idioms, slang, proverbs, colloquialisms and other tips. Most importantly…


  • Specialty Dictionariesneed some vocabulary to describe furniture? Ballet? The latest Net lingo? From Accounting to Water, find what you need in the’s Specialty Dictionary Department. Such as:

  • The Bookshelf Musepractically writes your story for you. Has Emotion Thesaurus, Setting Thesaurus, Color, Texture and Shape Thesaurus as well as a Symbolism Thesaurus. What the hell more do you want? BLOOD?

One more link….

  • Wordle. Make a word cloud. Why would you do such a thing? To find out if you’re over-using certain words, stressing the ideas that your want. Or just for the hell of it.

Yes, Sally May. Words. Are. Fun.


a blog about “lost” books

It’s called WE TOO WERE CHILDREN, MR. BARRIE, and it’s a blog about children’s books written by “adult” authors. The ones you see listed in bios, but can’t ever find.

Because, c’mon. Did you know that John Updike wrote a children’s book?

Ariel S. Winter did.

getting behind each other

You may have heard that I edit this little weekly info-rag called the Sunflower Scoop.  Every week I read An Abundance of Katherines newsletters, articles, blurbs, tweets, innuendos, rumors…and blogs.

I am one jaded internet peruser.

So when I find a stupendously brilliant and generous blog entry by a YA author that is a call to action that we can all heed…

I am going to link the hell out of it.

If you want to support a kidlit book that you’ve heard about, but don’t have the funds to buy, do this.

If you want to support a kidlit book that an acquaintance has written, but don’t have the funds to buy, do this.

If you buy a kidlit book from a friend of yours, don’t stop there, do this.

Many thanks to Lisa Schroeder, author of  Far From You and I Heart You, You Haunt Me.

I think you will agree, she is…

Einstein.  On wheels.

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