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Win Valuable Prizes in the KidLit Scoop 100th Issue Give-away

When I was putting the KidLit Scoop together last week, I realized how close we were to a spectacular milestone:


It’s become a ritual, editing the newsletter every Sunday while I sprawl upon the couch and get a Netflix tan. I hope the KidLit Scoop has become a Monday morning ritual for you too, as we pick our way through the Children’s Publishing Business minefield together.

Celebrate the 100th issue of the Scoop with me by participating in a little give-away. Here’s how:

  1. Be a KidLit Scoop subscriber. If you already are, you’re set. If you need to be, sign up via the icon over in the sidebar on the right. AND THEN…
  2. Leave a comment below using the email that your copy of the KidLit Scoop goes to. So I can check that the winner is, indeed, a Scoop subscriber. (Your email will not be published.) Doesn’t matter if you want to talk about the Scoop, the gross national product or leave a dot for your comment. ALL ENTRIES ARE INCLUDED IN THE RANDOM NUMBER GENERATION.


WHOA WHOA WHOA, lady, don’t you wanna know what you can win?

Along with various and sundry writerly office supplies, the winner will receive an Anne Geddes “Down in the Garden” journal and THE CURIOSITIES: a collection of stories by Maggie Stiefvater, Tessa Gratton and Brenna Yovanoff, SIGNED BY ALL 3 AUTHORS. Behold:


enthusiastic dog not included.

Contest closes 12:01 AM ON SUNDAY, DECEMBER 14TH. Winner will be drawn and announced in the 100th issue of the Kidlit Scoop, and on this blog on Monday, December 15th.

Enter below. Be a sport and tweet this link if you have time, will ya?


Monkey Love–MailChimp is the Bee’s Knees

A few of you might be aware that I edit an almost-weekly newsletter called the KIDLIT SCOOP. (Which contains news and opportunities in children’s publishing. Click over on the side there, if you want to subscribe.) But have you noticed the platform I use to compose and send the newsletter to one and all?

It’s MailChimp.

MailChimp has a tiered pricing system–one price for mega-volume use, another price for medium-large customers…and for the little guy who only has a couple-hundred subscribers, it’s free.

That’s right. Free.

ANYWAY. Couple weeks ago I had a bit of trouble. So I emailed The Chimp, asking for help. The little nipper emailed me back with wonderful suggestions…and well, we got quite a little correspondence going while we tackled the problem. Which of course, got solved.




Yes! The support guy was so relieved that our correspondence was calm and pleasant, he sent me a prize!


Well, there’s more than one. First, LOOK AT THAT COOL HAT. Second, be nice and nice things will happen to you. (Which I don’t believe happens all that often, but it’s worth a try.)

Most of all, look at how MailChimp has treated me, a non-paying user. Forget the slick ads and noisy social media–

THAT. Is how you make a loyal customer. In the future, when I need to send a mass mailing to every man, woman and child in the United States of America, where do you think I’m going to go?


Check my Instagram to witness my continuing MailChimp love affair.

the scoop is out and about and so am i

Posting. Quickly. Must. Get. Somebody’s birthday present. Someone who’s name rhymes with Speckles LickTonguest.

Ooo. I might start calling her that.


The KidLit Scoop has been sent, and if you think you should have gotten it and you didn’t, then comment here or email me. WE WILL FIX THINGS.

If you want to see what one looks like before you subscribe, well, go look at the KidLit Scoop page (see the tab up at the top of the blog?) and there’s a link to the fist newsletter for your perusal.

Best thing about getting the newsletter out? I don’t have to blog about it anymore.

Next week: We are talking about revision again, kids.



old dog learns new tricks

Yeah, I debated calling myself an old dog, but what the heck.

I am no stranger to the Next Big Thing.

Bloggerisms, Twitterings, Tumblrasms, Pinterests, Facebookery…I even did the Google+ thing until I could bear it no longer.

And I live and breathe iPhone Apps.

But oh, Lord, I did not look forward to learning yet another newsletter platform.

I rifled through my records and discovered I took over the Kansas SCBWI Sunflower Scoop newsletter in January of 2008! Holy krap. Hold on a minute.

Okay. That’s better.

At that time, it was published when the editor had run across enough information to make a newsletter. After I’d put out a few issues, I decided to make it weekly.

And make it funny. More or less.

It took years to gather a database I could depend on, and occasionally surprise bits of information popped up in a Tweet or blog post.

Independent of any input, the Kansas SCBWI leaders decided to discontinue the Sunflower Scoop. Until then, I’d had no intention of publishing a newsletter on my own. If you look at my about your hostess and the tricks up her sleeve page, you will see I’m plenty busy.

But many peeps had told me how much they depended on The Sunflower Scoop. In fact, some even told me they quit subscriptions to paid newsletters because the Scoop was better. Or the reason they ponied up for SCBWI membership was so they could get the Scoop.

Well, what a gyp for them.

Some people have even suggested I charge for the KidLit Scoop.

I’m not gonna do that.

Next week we’re getting this show on the road: first issue of The KidLit Scoop, which comes out every Sunday night. Sometimes very, very late on Sunday night, making it more accurately very early Monday morning. It has a slant toward the Kansas City area and the Kansas SCBWI members but 95% of the info in the newsletter is useful to any kidlit writer. If you want to sign up, well, cast your eye toward the sidebar.

Thanks for all the support, you darling people.

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