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crossing the tracks–barb stuber’s launch party

Barbara Stuber’s book, Crossing the Tracks launched in June. So pretend I’m not two and a half months behind in my blogging and come along with me for a run-down.

She had a fabu party at the Faultless Starch Company Headquarters,

replete with food, her trailer playing on a big-screen TV

and snippets of her novel scattered about in calligraphied centerpieces.

Barb gave a gracious speech, full of inspiration and gratitude:

I brought Freckles of course, star of Barb’s bookmarks:

And we had the requisite nuts in attendance…Sheila Berenson, Ann Ingalls, Laura Manivong, Elizabeth Bunce, Sarah Clark, Judy Hyde…

…and a whole lot more people who my Flip didn’t get to. I was too busy having fun.

I am a lousy chronicler, but a really good book launch party-goer-toer.

Go buy this book, dammit. If you need convincing, come back Monday for a review.


i’m so excited that i just can’t hide it


Elizabeth C. Bunce’s  A CURSE DARK AS GOLD wins the American Library Association’s William C. Morris YA Debut Award. 2009 is the first year for this award, which honors a debut book published by a first-time author writing for teens and celebrating impressive new voices in young adult literature. The work cited will illuminate the teen experience and enrich the lives of its readers through its excellence, demonstrated by: compelling, high quality writing and/or illustration; the integrity of the work as a whole; and its proven or potential appeal to a wide range of teen readers.


You can read all the kudos and huzzahs for her writing all over the intraweb.  I want to let you know that Elizabeth is a smart, kind and generous writer.  I joined the same critique group she  belongs to right after her book was published.  I was too late to hear about Charlotte before she was bound between two covers, but I HAVE watched Elizabeth grow as an author.  Watched the reviews and awards slowly pile up.  Saw how humble and grateful she remained.
Elizabeth Bunce is not just a super-fab writer, she’s also a spiffy person.  She is a generous critique partner, gently honest.  Not too long ago, she said, “I can’t wait until we’re all published and can thank each other in our acknowledgments.”

How cool is that?

Click here to see how I feel.

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