KidLit Scoop



I tried all kinds of magic to put a copy of the first KidLit Scoop on this here page for your perusal, but it just doesn’t fit in this blog template. You will have to go the extra step of clicking on this link to see what it looks like:

KidLit Scoop The First

Fantastic, isn’t it? Now, they aren’t all this enormous. Generally, there isn’t that much children’s publishing news generated in one week.

Because the KidLit Scoop comes out every Sunday evening. Sometimes very, very late Sunday evening. You might even call it very early Monday morning, if you want to be picky.

It’s free.

Please turn your attention to the KidLit Scoop icon to the right there, and up a little.

It’s red.

You can’t miss it.

Click and subscribe.


Tell me how the cow ate the cabbage:

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