I Was First

Look. Everyone who is anyone has blue hair.

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And frankly, it annoys the crap outta me. Because I’ve had blue hair for like, four years. Since 2011.


In 2011 everyone who dyed their hair a funky color dyed it pink. I was going to SCBWI-LA where I would meet many fab people, including people who I had become Twitter friends with. I wanted to be easily recognizable.

After I got home, I could’ve let it grow out. But I just like the blue hair—it’s not all blue, just a wide swath of it. I am not trying nor have I ever tried to cover up my gray. It is still clearly visible.

Very. Clearly.

Anyway. I do not want people to think I am following a trend—sort of defeats the purpose of dying your hair a wild color, doesn’t it? So…

AMERICA! My hair was blue before the Kardashians even THOUGHT about dying their hair blue!




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  1. Heather Ayris Burnell

    It doesn’t matter how many people copy you. You will always be an original. There’s no one like you my dear!

  2. Is that a guarantee or a threat? 😉

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