Weird Science

Bottled Lightning recently graduated with her Masters in Statistics. With the requisite mariachi band recessional.

As I said at her celebratory dinner, I should’ve known way back when that she’d end up a statistician.

1. When she was 3 she had a “binky” collection which consisted of cicada skins. First, she had them in a jar. Then, she got a square piece of cardboard and glue-gunned the whole lot in equidistant rows. The affair ended in a horrible tragedy, when the dog we had at the time ate them.

2. We went on a long road trip when Bottled Lightning was 9 or so, during which she kept a running tab of roadkill we passed on the highway. Separated into species. Quantified. Then charted on the computer.


I know.

Why am I telling you these semi-horrifying tales? Well, to make a point.

Kids do things that make no sense—at the time. Let ’em do stuff that’s weird. Or messy. You never know how it’s gonna pay off.


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  1. Never too young to learn how practical those Excel sheets are.
    Some kids see things very clearly at an early age – good to let them be who they are
    So Congrats!

  2. Thanks, Phil. Not that I had much to do with Bottled Lightning’s success. All I did was birth her and then stand back. 😉

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