I’m Baa-aack

Hello, race fans.

dog girl race

I’m finally back, for good. Mostly. Let me tell you why my presence on This Old Blog has been sporadic, at best.

I’ve been busy.


Thing is, there’s only so much time in the day. So you gotta prioritize. When commitments or health or responsibilities or circumstances leave you a small window of time to write, do you spend that time on Pinterest? Twitter?

Well, heck no. You spend that time on your writing. Because a spiffy Social Media Presence is not going to get you published, only a spiffy manuscript will.


Behold, the wild Pigator. With flying fetus.


About Lisha Cauthen

Lisha Cauthen writes YA novels for guys that girls like to read too.

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  1. Heather Ayris Burnell

    I’m glad you’ve been working on that manuscript of yours but I am absolutely happy that you’re back. Yippee!

  2. You are so…I LOVE YOU.

    There, I said it.

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