Win Valuable Prizes in the KidLit Scoop 100th Issue Give-away

When I was putting the KidLit Scoop together last week, I realized how close we were to a spectacular milestone:


It’s become a ritual, editing the newsletter every Sunday while I sprawl upon the couch and get a Netflix tan. I hope the KidLit Scoop has become a Monday morning ritual for you too, as we pick our way through the Children’s Publishing Business minefield together.

Celebrate the 100th issue of the Scoop with me by participating in a little give-away. Here’s how:

  1. Be a KidLit Scoop subscriber. If you already are, you’re set. If you need to be, sign up via the icon over in the sidebar on the right. AND THEN…
  2. Leave a comment below using the email that your copy of the KidLit Scoop goes to. So I can check that the winner is, indeed, a Scoop subscriber. (Your email will not be published.) Doesn’t matter if you want to talk about the Scoop, the gross national product or leave a dot for your comment. ALL ENTRIES ARE INCLUDED IN THE RANDOM NUMBER GENERATION.


WHOA WHOA WHOA, lady, don’t you wanna know what you can win?

Along with various and sundry writerly office supplies, the winner will receive an Anne Geddes “Down in the Garden” journal and THE CURIOSITIES: a collection of stories by Maggie Stiefvater, Tessa Gratton and Brenna Yovanoff, SIGNED BY ALL 3 AUTHORS. Behold:


enthusiastic dog not included.

Contest closes 12:01 AM ON SUNDAY, DECEMBER 14TH. Winner will be drawn and announced in the 100th issue of the Kidlit Scoop, and on this blog on Monday, December 15th.

Enter below. Be a sport and tweet this link if you have time, will ya?


About Lisha Cauthen

Lisha Cauthen writes YA novels for guys that girls like to read too.

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  1. Heather Ayris Burnell

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the scoop. I read it for the news and I read it for THE AMAZING SNIPPETS OF LIFE LISHA PUTS IN EVERY WEEK. It’s the best kidlit newsletter around. Congratulations on 100 issues! You are the best!!!

  2. I want to know how you got your dog to wear the hat without it being in pieces.

  3. Marilyn Underwood

    I love the scoop and my Sunday night/Monday morning is never complete without the scoop.

  4. Congratulations, Lisha! 100 issues young! Your Kidlit scoop is amazing. Thanks for making it easy to stay up-to-date.

  5. Stephen M. Hoffman

    The Anne Geddes thing … eh. But the rest sounds OK. Thanks for your time and effort, Lisha. I can never get enough of your personal narrative.

  6. Monday morning coffee wouldn’t be the same without the SCOOP. Thanks for all the valuable info, Lisha!

  7. I must comment on my favorite story from this week’s awesome Scoop: Pooh is inappropriately dressed for children?! I don’t know where to start with what’s wrong with that one, but how about–in the original EH Shepard illustrations, Pooh was completely naked (except for cold weather). Would that be better, or worse?

    Congrats, Lisha! And thanks for all your hard work on the Scoop:)

  8. I look forward to every issue — it’s a treasure trove of great stuff!

  9. Thank you for the Sunflower Scoop! I look forward to it every Sunday night/Monday morning (depending on when I go to bed).

  10. I love having the Inside Scoop from you! And I love your personal commentary~ Thank you!

  11. 100?!??! Wow. That is what I call Ding-dang-didley-doo commitment! Thank you for keeping all of us clever people “in the know”. We wouldn’t be clever without you.

  12. It’s a little intimidating to see how much things have changed since I’ve been away, but with the scoop’s great help and fun and funny commentary, I may one day catch up. Thank you, Lisha!

  13. Geez. Ya’ll didn’t have to be so nice, I’m blushing! (Don’t stop.)

  14. Just signed up! Excited to read the scoop on Monday!

  15. This newsletter seems informative and fun. Glad I stumbled upon it. Look forward to receiving it.

  16. Thanks for all the information. I just found this through Sub It Club.

  17. I want that signed book! 😉 Congrats on 100 issues. KidLit Scoop is awesome and I read it every week!

  18. Welcome, new subscribers and thank you, old subscribers. I mean…PREVIOUS subscribers. I love you all with a passion that knows no bounds. ❤

  19. Thanks for all of the wonderful information you distill into a manageable list to digest. I don’t pretend to know how long it takes, but it’s extremely helpful. I appreciate your generosity and willingness to share it with everyone.

  20. The cow ate the cabbage in one loud crunch, that’s how. I look forward to being a new subscriber.

  21. I’m a subscriber – congrats on the 100th issue and thanks for a chance to win! Wow!

  22. I’m not at all certain how the cow ate the cabbage. But I’d be willing to learn. Also, want to know how you got it to snow on your website. I’d like snow on mine. tschaefer (dot) crbh (dot) @ verizon (dot) net

  23. Hehe, I didn’t even know you had a newsletter. How dumb am I? DUH! I’m all signed up. Thanks Heather for filling us in on this.

  24. With relish. Thank you for this newsletter. I just subscribed.

  25. I’m guessing the cow ate the cabbage gassily, especially when chewing her cud. But perhaps not, if she ate it with caraway and fennel seeds?

  26. 1. Cows eating cabbage–always thought that sounded like a recipe for disaster. But I am intrigued by many of your recipes.
    2. So glad you guys enjoy my modest attempts at humor.
    3. Lovely to hear from new subscribers, as well as old friends.

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