stories of ghosts and us

I’ve been everywhere, man. (Cue music.)

Across the deserts bare, man.

geez. anybody got a power bar?

Breathed that mountain air, man.


You get the idea.

One of the things we did last week, was go on a ghost tour in Old Town, in Albuquerque.

Now, there’s some fun.

Two guides and only seven people in the group. Excellent stories, videos, pictures, EVPs, (electric voice phenomena) and history lessons.

Yes, history lessons.

It occurred to me that really, the tour boiled down to one gigantic history lesson.

Because where does a ghost come from, but the past? Whether it’s 1998 or 1698, ghosts are reminders of what came before us.

When Great Aunt Melba rattles around in the attic, we communicate with our ancestors. Union soldiers at Shiloh allow us to affirm the continuity of our country.  Incan ghosts at Machu Picchu let us know that even if the glory of our civilization dies, we will not.

I’m thinking about writing a ghost story for my next novel. Of course, in order for a ghost story to be interesting it has to be more than haints floating around a dilapidated house. There has to be some sort of psychosis involved.


I’m wondering if the more the main character connects with the ghost, the more frightening it is. The better the ghost can infiltrate his psyche, and therefore, the reader’s, the more the ghost can play him like a fiddle.

I mean, aren’t we all so OVER monsters?


I dunno. Still puzzling this out. Tell me what you think.


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