yahoo, you’re hacked, but good. admit it.

I don’t like being played for a fool, but I think I’ve been played.

Like a honky-tonk piano.

Gather ’round kiddies. Maybe you’ll discover you’ve been duped too.

I hadn’t worked with email from my PC for two weeks except to put the KidLit Scoop together, which takes all day Sunday. At the time, my email was sketchy–hard to get into, logging me out, taking forever to load an email, timing out, etc. I changed my password twice, emptied my PC cache a billion times and managed to get done what I needed to get done.

By week three the whole email experience became hopeless. The server’s website urged users to report problems, but made it impossible to do so.

So I complained on Twitter.

Nearly immediate response from Yahoo.

I won’t go through the ridiculous suggestions they gave me to “fix” the problem. Suffice to say I spent days and days working on nothing but The Yahoo Email problem, taking and giving Yahoo feedback through Twitter DM.

I ended up with a the damn brand new iteration of Firefox–which, who wants the newest release of ANYTHING, before they have worked out the bugs? Had to set up all my marklets and pinlets and special thingies, some of which I lost because they don’t work in this new Firefox incarnation, and pick the icons and toolbars and skins in the new interface WHICH I HATE WITH A PASSION THAT KNOWS NO BOUNDS. But, I like it better than Chrome or the others. I know this because I downloaded other browsers to see if my Yahoo mail would work in them.

Oh, yes. I tried everything.

I watched for an official announcement of some sort from Yahoo that would give me some confidence that they knew what they were dealing with and would at some point repair it, but there was nothing.

Nothing in the news.

Nothing on tech blogs.

Nothing on Yahoo’s site.

But plenty of complaints in Yahoo Answers and on Twitter.

I really like my Yahoo. Been with them eight years. With a heavy heart I researched other email providers, because I just couldn’t lose any more work time.

I settled on Outlook. It’s got unlimited storage, huge attachment allowance, you can direct Gmail through it, all kinds of stuff. And I tweeted about my decision to leave Yahoo loud and clear, last night.

Today, my Yahoo email works. Pretty much perfectly.

After nearly a month of glitches building to outright unusability, it works.


I went back to this link my good friend Vivian Lee Mahoney sent about a hack attack on Yahoo. Supposedly in just the last several days. I’d dismissed it as the cause of my problem because I knew damn well I hadn’t clicked on anything. And my trials had started weeks before this past weekend. So I surfed links from article to article, reading comments and…

Here’s the deal.

There’s an asshole in Egypt who figured out a hack that allows him to get into Yahoo accounts without a password.  What’s more, there’s a cottage industry in the Middle East, finding ways into big companies’ programs and selling the illicit information on internet boards. Furthermore, big companies know this, and the smart ones pay bounties to independent hackers who find holes in the programming and report it before criminal hackers can take advantage.

Yahoo does not do this.

I digress. let Yahoo know about this Egyptian guy in November. ‘Course Yahoo coughed and told everyone to move along, nothing to see here.

But finally the problem has made it into the news, because the Egyptian posted a demonstration of how to actually do the hack on YouTube. Perhaps he didn’t like Yahoo pretending everything was A-OK.

Now the whole world is acting like it’s a new deal, like the hack to Yahoo just occurred this weekend.

All Things D thinks the current problem is the same as the November problem, still unsolved.

Yahoo ain’t spillin’ the beans.

But what they are doing is telling users to change their browsers. Turn off their firewalls. Clear their caches.


Pull the other one.


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  1. Using Twitter was pretty much the only way we could get support from our cable provider. They actually tended to reply with truth and actual answers, bless them.

    This all reminds me of old arguments with an ex: “Whether or not you admit you’re wrong, everyone knows it. So why not own up to it.” Glad I started taking his advice . . .

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with all things technical. So frustrating. Hope you end up being satisfied with Outlook. :-/

  3. That’s a saying I’ve never heard before, Deborah, but it’s so right.

    Guess I hate 1. People making me think it’s something I’VE done. and 2. Wasting my time.

  4. Judy, Outlook can do so many things. They’ve rolled HotMail and Windows Live into it. You can rename Skydrive and Xbox Live accounts with an address to link everything together. You can feed your Gmail and other accounts through it, create a pseudonym for certain situations–just all kinds of stuff.

  5. I haven’t been paying attention to news, but a few weeks ago suddenly my yahoo looked different. I could/can only attach one file at a time instead of multiple. I never got a notice it was changing. I can’t find any settings that I “accidentally” changed. My header changed as well. Grr.

  6. I have 3 email addresses: a personal one that I use with Outlook, a gmail one that I’m using for SCBWI, and my writing one (the yahoo one). Someday maybe there will be a better way.

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