dragging revisions

Oh, I am the easily amused type.

I will play with the snow on WordPress All. Day Long. Move my cursor back and forth to watch the flake flow change as if buffeted by breezes unseen.

That’s enough alliteration for one day.

I love the annual WordPress Snowfall so much I changed by background to a dark spacey thing to make it show better. Sure, it takes forever to load, but it’s just until January. HUMOR ME.

I am still in the revising doldrums, very soon done. And that’s my testimony about revising today:


I’ve been three chapters away from finishing this revision for about, oh, six chapters now. How does this happen? Am I futzing around, going in circles because I don’t know how to end the dang book?


Am I fooling around because I have a fear of finishing?



Here’s what has happened: layers.

I’ve discovered several more layers to my main character, which twisted the plot a bit. Which is ramping up the tension as I near the end, and of course, will make the climax sing like an opera.

I admit I’m a little impatient to be finished with this draft so I can be on to something else while it simmers a bit, then start fresh on the third draft. (I do love my own work. *cough*) But I’ve read an awful lot of books with hurried endings. It’s an easy trap to fall into, assuming the reader is as ready to be done with the story as you are.


You may have been working on your novel for a year by the time you get to the end, but your reader has been working on reading it a considerably shorter time.

You’ve got to maintain the same enthusiasm for the story you want the reader to have.




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  1. Lisha Cauthen, I love the easy, breezy way you write – like it just flows out of you (like the snow on my screen that made me jump – thinking there were bugs in this desert apartment again – it’s winter and every living thing’s come to life). THANK YOU. Write more, please.

  2. My favorite quote by Carlos Fuentes: “Terminado, el libro empieza.” “Finished, the book begins.”

  3. Cindi, we still have bugs here in KC as NO FREEZERINO. Though that’s supposed to change soon.

    And Barb? Dear, EXCITING NOOZ Barb…thank God you provided the translation.

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