stretching in every direction

Where have I been? Geez. You ask all the hard questions.

The Kansas SCBWI conference is in TWO WEEKS, and I will be PRESENTING A WORKSHOP THEREUPON. Why no, I’m not nervous at all.

I’ve presented a bitty-workshop before, as part of a miscellaneous-Saturday offering, on choosing what age to write for. And I’ve done a Friday Night Demonstration at the conference about the benefits of revision. Sue Ford, my past RA, kind of nudged me into those baby steps. But this is my first workshop,  And I’m excited–to the point of hysteria. Oh, I could never lie to you.

My topic: USE YOUR iPHONE TO WRITE YOUR NOVEL. Pretty intriguing, huh?

You may remember this post about my solution for note-taking at the LA SCBWI conference, when I got that super-spiffy and much-appreciated scholarship, thanks to Colleen Cook, my current RA. Well, I’ve learned many things since then through trial and error, enough for a workshop. Or two or three.

I’ve got my talking points organized, and I learned Keynote so I could put together an astounding whiz-bang slide show. Still have to finish the bonus website–constructed from my iPhone of course–and open only to peeps who attend the presentation.

Yeah, I know how to do these things. I’M A MARVEL.


I’ve just learned how to stretch, and take a chance.

Writers take a chance every time they sit down to the keyboard–will the words come? Can I shape them into something publishable? Will the critics like it? Will the readers?

For me, that sense of daring has somehow spilled into real life.

Cool, huh?


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Lisha Cauthen writes YA novels for guys that girls like to read too.

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  1. I think I liked your post. It was about a nervous man afraid to close his eyes because his world might disappear so he went to a rave instead and imagined what his life might have been like if he’d only followed his grandmother’s advice and gone into horse jumping. Right?

    Seriously though. Had to fight off a seizure to finish this.

    Good luck with your presentation! I know the slide-show is going to be something else.

  2. Sooooooooooooo wish I could be there!!


  3. Thank you, people of Earth. I have only bitten my fingernails to nubs, my fingers themselves are still intact.

    And Pearson, you get me. You really get me.

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