11 firefox add-ons to make your life easier

Hey everybody! I missed you SO MUCH!

Like you all, we have dealt with upheavals galore around here. But now I’m finally down to the last five chapters on ye olde revisionne.

I thought I’d sidetrack today and talk about something I’d never paid much attention to until lately:


There are plenty of browsers to choose from. (What’s a browser? It’s the thing you travel around teh intrawebs on: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.) Many add-ons are designed to work on all platforms, some are only developed for one. You’ll have to check with the browser you’re driving. Today I’ll talk about some add-ons I’ve found useful for Firefox.

Click on “Tools”, then “Add-ons”.

You’ll go to a page jam-packed with tiny programs to add to your browser. Some are worthless and will drive you nutz. Some will make your life worth living. Read what the tiny add-on program is supposed to do, then read what the reviewers have to say. Pay attention to the date of the review, because the add-ons don’t always keep pace with the browser updates.

And now I present…


  1. Adblock Plus–Yes. You want to block those malware ads and pop ups, automatically. Yes. You do. I’ve had this a long time, and it has not let me down.
  2. Ghostery–Just downloaded this one a few days ago and it’s remarkable. I theoretically knew that there were data collectors out there, but son of a gun. This app shows you the ad networks, behavioral data collectors and web analytic providers on each page you visit. These puppies FOLLOW YOU AROUND THE INTILWEBBS and report to their masters about your habits. CREEPAZOID. But with Ghostery you can block them. I LOVE IT.
  3. Newssitter-News Sidebar and News Ticker–It’s a–uh–sidebar. You choose the news feeds you want in it. And it kind of…ticks. Choices range from Facebook to the New York Times. I believe we can apply the word “eclectic” here, and be safe. Collapsible.
  4. Forecastfox–Weather strip, sits up on the top right of your screen. Customizable, several days’ forecast at a glance, radar, moon phase, all kinds of stuff. From AccuWeather.
  5. RSS Icon in url bar–I get tired of looking for the RSS feed icon on blogs, don’t you? Put one in your url bar and you can subscribe to blogs right from there.
  6. Lightshot (screenshot tool)–Easier than looking for the Prnt Scrn button and opening Paint and…oh what a PAIN. Just click your little icon that floats on your bottom bar, then you can choose however much of the page you wish, to screenshoot. Then save to whatever folder you want, or email, or send directly to your printer. Very nifty.
  7. Share This–Gad, I use this so many times a day. It’s a green button sitting in my url bar. When I want to share an article to ANYWHERE I can do it through Share This. (What’s Corkboard? What’s Nujij?) Mostly I email links, but if you want to Tweet, Tumblr, Yammer, Yigg or Xerpi, then here’s your conduit.
  8. Pocket–Used to be called “Read It Later”. Another add-on I can’t do without. See something you want to read later, toggle the button and it’s archived. Beautiful layout, you can tag your pages to organize them in folders.
  9. TinyUrl Generator–I fell upon my knees when I found this and gave thanks to my Creator. I crank out an informational newsletter for the Kansas SCBWI every week with lots of links, and some of the urls are really. Really. Long. But tick this little icon and when it’s done spinning, you have a tidy little url that anyone would be proud of. Happy happy joy joy.
  10. Internote–Only been working with this a few days, but it’s funky. You can stick virtual post-it notes on web pages, and they’re still there when you go back later. Huh. And you’re the only one who sees it.
  11. Joliprint–This last one is not available through the Firefox browser . Get the bookmarklet here and stick it in a toolbar. Joliprint converts an article into a PDF. You can collect numerous articles all day into a PDF to read that evening, if you want. When you’re ready, download the PDF, post it in Google docs or send it to your email. A handy aggregator when researching.

Now I have let you in on all my little tricks of the trade. Anybody else got an add-on they love?

There’s one in every crowd.


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  1. OMG. These sound great. And you’ve done all the work! I’m saving this page! THX LISHA!

  2. My pleasure, Dana. Kinda. 😉

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