draft two

So I have the revised outline as my story will be.

My first draft, printed out.

My story bible.

Time to Boogie.

My next step is:

Read through the first draft with my outline as my story will be ,making revision notes. I write directly on the manuscript, add post-it notes where I think I might miss my notes, add those little tabs where I want to point to a specific line. I move chapters, add chapters, mark out chapters. I BREAK MY HEART.

This revision pass, I concentrate on PLOT, and to a lesser degree, pacing. Of course I will fix anything else that sticks out at me as I come across it: dialogue, voice, setting, etc., but my main thrusts at this point are plot and pacing. I want to get the story straight so I have a firm foundation of STORY for my characters to act and react in.

However, character and plot can’t really be separated. So keep in mind as you revise that your plot choices will be informed by your characters’ personalities and values.

Choices. You haz them.


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Lisha Cauthen writes YA novels for guys that girls like to read too.

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  1. I want to add something important to this post, but I just can’t get beyond the fabulous animated GIF concluding the post! Bwahaha.

  2. Another TNG fan? Somewhere, someday, somehow, you and I will meet. And we will bond.

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