look into the amazon of your soul

Imma gonna say it.

The Amazon iPhone app.

Not only can you use this app to go to your indie store, try out an item, and THEN see how cheap you can get it on Amazon, YOU CAN REPORT BACK TO AMAZON HOW CHEAP YOU CAN GET IT IN AN INDIE STORE, SO AMAZON CAN LOWER THEIR PRICES.


Amazon has made the entire smart-phone-owning public their minions.


But here’s the part that’s going to make a whole lot of you angry with me:

Many of you asked for it.

How many times have you gone to a store and checked something out, then gone home and bought it on Amazon for a much lower price?

Where do you think Amazon got the idea for this app, anyway?


Amazon just made it so you didn’t have to write the store price down on a piece of paper.

And while providing that service, they tossed in an extra step of allowing you to actually, you know, directly throw every last indie shop out of business.

Hey. I like a bargain just like the next gal. But I buy my books locally, unless I can’t find them here. (Yes, I can hanker after the odd book or two.) I buy used books when I’ve already bought a new copy of the title, or if it’s out of print.

I use Amazon for things I can’t find around here, usually at Christmas. In fact, I ordered something yesterday.

Amazon is not the devil. Don’t let it make you one.


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  1. I read about this a few days ago and promptly forgot it. Thank you for reminding me to drive to a local shop, and spend that money there. That’s less fuel wasted than by constantly having books shipped. I’ve got a lot to reconsider, actually . . .

  2. You go girl!!

  3. Deborah, spread the love. I don’t want to drive Amazon out of business, but I don’t want to lose my local bookstores either! We have two fantastic indies left in Kansas City, and I ❤ them hard.

    Jenn, I can't do anything else. You're always behind me, pushing.

  4. agreed on all fronts, i only wished we had businesses who had higher standards than “well, if we didn’t do it, someone else would, so it might as well be us.”

    but more importantly: where did you find that animated gif of those groovy ghoulies?!!

  5. delzey, i trawl the internet until my eyeballs bleed.

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