he seemed so happy

A beloved weatherman committed suicide recently. We watched him nearly every morning in my house, and we will miss him immensely.

He was a funny guy–clever, never mean, and certainly not afraid to look silly for the sake of a laugh. The kind of guy people flocked to because, well, he just made you feel better.

But he was suffering.

A large percentage of depressed people don’t look depressed.

It’s a corny cliché: “Laugh, clown, laugh.” But it’s based in truth.

When you’re flat, packed in cotton, humor is a stimulant. It’s self-medication.

Problem is, like any stimulant, it wears off.

We are all responsible for our own actions. If you can have a hand in saving someone, it is a blessing for both of you. If you can’t, it is not you’re fault.


Suicide is not a decision made in a rational moment–believing your loving family and friends would be better off if you didn’t exist–how could that ever, ever be true?


Just because someone can laugh and crack a joke, make you smile, doesn’t mean he feels joy or satisfaction or safety.

Try to hold his hand until the irrational moments pass, if he’ll let you.

Pray he’ll let you.


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  1. The “He seemed so happy” part is the hardest to understand, isnt it? I would guess there are more people than we know who use people or their “busyness” and things they do for other people as their “drug” to keep them up. This while thing has been eye opening. I think it just proves that we should always strive to be the bright spot in others’ days. You never know what someone else .is dealjng with.

  2. Well said, Lisha.

  3. Very nice. Makes me miss my brother, who committed suicide at the age of 37 over twenty years ago. I wish he had let me hold his hand.

  4. I have nothing to add as you’ve said it so well. Thanks for making me take a minute to stop & think. Good reminder that we don’t know very much about most people & should tread carefully.

  5. Kim, you are so right.

    Thanks, Judy and twixty twix. Vixen fix. Vixy twix.

  6. Oh, Satchel, I’m so sorry to know about your personal sorrow. Not going to throw platitudes at you, just going to virtually hold YOUR hand. And squeeze it.

  7. There are a lot of good actors out there, Dana.

  8. Good post. sniff, sniff

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