on the third day of christmas…


I was going to make a whole new blog post for the THIRD DAY OF CHRISTMAS with GIFS! HISTORICAL FACTS! AMAZING ALLUSIONS!

But then there was this party last night, and well, it’s raining.

And I had to get a haircut.

So you’ll have to make do with these fantastic additions to the swag bag:

  • Stupendous Stretchy Book Cover to keep nosey nancys out of your business on the subway.
  • Journal for your wild musings.
  • StickyMarkers to keep track of the Pithy Thoughts you want to go back to in the Creativity Shake-It-Up Pack.
  • Traveling Candle to light your fire, wherever you are.
  • Sculpty-moldy-bead stuff, to help free you mind.
  • And a plucked-chicken key chain that lays an egg. OF CREATIVITY.

Don’t forget the original cornucopia of Creative Goodness:


To enter my contest is super uncomplicated, as I only have so much space left in my brain:

  1. SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG–please leave a comment telling me so!
  2. FOLLOW ME ON THE TWITTERS–please @me, telling me so! Use #12DOC
  3. If you already subscribe and follow me, you’d think I’d be satisfied, but NO! I want more! Tweet about this contest or blog about it and let me know.

Be sure to enter all the other blogses contests. YOU WON’T BELIEVE THE FABULOUS PRIZES.


The prize awarding begins December 13th.





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  1. I am a new google reader subscriber (google name is Carmen)

  2. I am also a new twitter follower: Caribell01

  3. Hello Robin and Carmen, nice to see you. Good luck in my contest and everyone else’s!

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