truly thankful

I saw someone the other day I used to know in my PTA days. She kind of grimace-smiled at me, and it took a while to realize it was probably because of my blue hair.

It made me realize how thankful I am for my new life in the Kidlit community:

  • SCBWI National. I got to meet so many persons this year at the LA convention.(<3 Colleen)
  • Kansas SCBWI and my writing peeps. Ah, lunch.
  • Heartland Writers for Kids and Teens and the Wednesday morning critiques. (Ouch, I needed that.)
  • Reading Reptilians. Imagine, a kidlit store just blocks from me!
  • My Twitterlie friends. Ones I’ve met, ones I DM and ones I banter with occasionally.

The Kidlit Tribe.

I am so grateful to finally find where I belong.


About Lisha Cauthen

Lisha Cauthen writes YA novels for guys that girls like to read too.

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  1. We’re glad you found us, too!


  3. What Sue said! XXOO

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