where the heck have i been?

Oh, writing.

But not here.

I seem to have caught NaNoWriMo fever. And the only cure is:

Um, I mean,

My usual method of writing is a chapter a week. I write it and polish it and love it and hug it and squeeze it until it is a beautiful burnished thing of incomparable genius.

But boy, is that slow.

So I’ve decided to take the leap, and spit out the whole first draft in a month. I’m curious to see if I end up taking the same amount of time to extrude a finished project, because of the difference in revision effort.


I think I’m including the same amount of plot twists, hilarious asides rising action and threads of conflict that I would at a slower place. But–

I might end up in the loony bin.


About Lisha Cauthen

Lisha Cauthen writes YA novels for guys that girls like to read too.

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  1. Impressive …ok so I’m really really jealous over your blog illustration skills

  2. Yay, you! Have a happy and productive NaNo! 😀

  3. I hope you take a little time out to write a post here and there! Your marriage of words and images is perfection. 😀

  4. philosophermouseofthehedge, it’s not too hard, or I wouldn’t be able to do it!

    Thanks, Judy. We shall see…

    Deborah the Closet Monster! How you been? Going to visit your blog right now…

  5. Doing so well! I’ve been having some stepped-up problems with reflux, but apart from that, life is pretty wonderful these days. 😀

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