ellen hopkins, the writer teens trust

I have seen a load of fantastic authors recently, so I best get a-bloggin’. First up:


Apologies for the iPhone instead of the Flip. But hey, it’s better than a court room rendering.

The room was full of KIDS SHE WRITES FOR, rather than adults. There were some of those too, but I’d never been to a book signing before where kids were the majority. IT RAWKED.

I was a few rows back, so in the videos you can see two kids from the audience. Let me tell you that was a mixed bunch–kids in Catholic uniforms, goths, preppies, gay…everything. And they were talking to each other about the books. Even kids who didn’t know each other. OH THE WONDERFULNESS OF IT ALL.

First clip, Ellen reads from Crank. It’s important to her that readers hear the rhythm of her voice, so they know how they should read her books:

Could have heard a pin drop, I tell you.

She talked a bit about writing, in which she told us:



She had this to say about her bouts with censorship:

She read again, this time from her new book, Perfect.

And then she told us the sad story of her daughter’s struggle with Meth, which many of her books are based on. Please note that when she presents at schools she shows before and after pictures of her daughter.

Does that sound like glorifying drug use to you?

She ended her talk with a plea to her readers to not touch drugs and to abstain from sex.

Gee. What a Danger to American Youth.


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