a tale of two twitties

Yes, read that blog title carefully.

I had the strange need to voice my concerns (start a shit storm) about two different companies on Twitter these past few days: First Watch Restaurant and Dell Computers. Let’s compare and contrast the responses I got from these hive minds, shall we?

The lovely @CarmenNodar joined @JennBailey, @HTBeers, @susanuhlig and me at lunch on Tuesday. THIS IS A HAPPENING, BABY.

Carmen never comes to lunch with us. She usually eats healthy cost-effective food from home while the rest of us go nuts at various eating establishments.So we were super-duper thrilled she was coming with us to…First Watch. And oh, how convivial we were around the table.

Until the potatoes came.

The new, crappy potatoes.

They are mushy. And tasteless. And just. Blech.

The old-recipe potatoes are one of the top reasons we go to this particular restaurant. So when we got back got to the coffee shop, I repeatedly tweeted our displeasure of the NEW POTATOES to the @First_Watch twitter account.

Still waiting for a response.


This morning I went to the Dell website to read the FAQs for some help on a battery charging problem with my laptop. When I couldn’t find a solution, I took to their chat. When I was VERY FRUSTRATED with their level of help, I started tweeting derisively.

IMMEDIATELY, two Dell representatives asked to assist me. I chose one. She stayed with me on Twitter DM until we found the problem. It took quite awhile. QUITE AWHILE. But she was patient and encouraging and stuck with it. She is shipping me an ac adapter toot sweet.

That is what Twitter is for–a two-way conversation. My customer service rep is obviously Indian, and conversing on Twitter made it SO MUCH easier for both of us, as our accents didn’t get in the way.

So I am commending @ShibaniAtDell for her supreme professionalism and knowledge. I will definitely update you guys on the outcome of this whole she-bang, but I hope this turns out well.

Because honest. I have really, really loved my laptop.


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