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Scrolling through unpublished blog posts, I found this little gem. Why it never made it to the light of day, I have no clue.

I found a writing exercise today without even meaning to.  How creative serendipitous lucky lazy of me!

Writing at the noisy-because-it’s-growing-in-popularity-due-to-the-recent-installation-of-a-doughnut-vendor-coffee-shop, or as we refer to it, SEKRIT WRITING LOCATION, I resorted to earbuds tuned to my favorite classic rock station.


When I finally finished my chapter, (due tomorrow for critique group), I looked up to discover a table of people practicing their conversational Spanish.  I still had on my earbuds.  While listening to the soothing strains of:

I realized a few things about the Spanish group:

1. They were holding faux telephone conversations.

2. The charming, petite blonde was pretending to be a gruff old man.

3. The chunky brunette was good at speaking Spanish

4. The willowy African-American, not very good.

5. The lone young man at the table was quite taken with said petite blond, even though he came with the mousey girl.

6. Said petite blond couldn’t give a flip about lone young man.

I watch people all the time, being a weirdo writer and all, but I found my powers of observation to be unbelievably sharper without sound cues.

I needs to get me an iPod.

Is this as good a suggestion as I think it is? Or has time colored my judgement?


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  1. I think there are positive attributes to listening without seeing and the other side: seeing without listening. Though the other day when hubby and I were at a restaurant and the neighboring table was talking about daughter’s symptoms including vomiting or not vomiting in loud tones, we wanted to stand up and say “people are eating here!”

  2. Haha! People watching is so fun–especially as a writer.

  3. Jo, there are limits, as Sue as proven for us!

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