i get mooned by pink granny panties

It’s great to know people in high places.

Michelle L. Brown is a writer you’re going to be hearing about, soon and often. Not only is she a great writer, but she’s smart and generous. She lives in the Kansas SCBWI region, but in the Wichita area. When you don’t live near the hub of an SCBWI region, it’s easy to get left out, but Michelle reaches out through social media to stay in the loop.

When this year’s Newbery winner, WHO IS FROM WICHITA, KANSAS, had a book signing in her hometown, Michelle picked up a few extra signed copies and ran a Twitter contest.

I won!

Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties that will be explained at the end of this blog post, we pick up the action mid-video:

Then I had to excise some material….

Yes, I said it. Addled.

But Michelle clearly is not addled. Visit her blog here and keep an eye on her. Things are going to happen.


Clare Vanderpool will be signing books at Reading Reptile this Monday, April 4th at 7PM. Don’t hesitate. Just come. Newbery.


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  1. OH. MY. GOODNESS. I casually check into Twitter after cleaning up the mother of all poop messes and find a TWEET TO A POST ABOUT ME! Bless you, Lisha, you never fail to make me smile!

    I would have seen this sooner, but we produced my play REMOTE CONTROL this weekend at our children’s theater. It was fabulous fun, but I can’t wait to get back to writing. Speaking of fabulous fun, hope to see you and all the KS SCBWIers Saturday at the Open House!

    Thanks again, Lisha! =D

  2. YAY! Swing by the YA table. Thanks for being a friend in a high place, Jennifer!

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