sekrit plot ninjas have landed

Vivian Mahoney has a BRAIN BOX OF ENORMOUS PROPORTIONS. She ran this little contest on her blog. All one had to do to enter was make a comment about Plot.

Well, you know me.

Comments, I’ve got. A-plenty.



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  1. INDEED! I might share them with you, if you treat me like a queen.

  2. You are awesome! I bow to you, Queen of Awesomeness.

  3. I bow to your pure lack of eye-hand coordination and to your pure surplus of brain- imaginal realm coordination.

    Congratulations!!!! Simply thrilling.

  4. Those sekrit plot ninjas do not give up their sekrits easily, do they? But now that they are out in the open…I see that you have all your [writing] ducks in a row. High five! 🙂

  5. Remember, ladies, these were crafted by Vivian Mahoney. I am merely the recipient of her awesomeness. >:-)

  6. omg. this is toooo funny. what a great video! definitely brought a smile to my face. you’re so sweet to make all this hoopla over these ninja ducks. may they bring you great writing mojo.

  7. Are you kidding? These are the writing toys of my dreeeaaaamzz. I’m bringing them to the Sekrit Writing Location next week. THERE WILL BE BLOOD.

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