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The sun is out and the piles of snow are bleach-bright. My brain hums like 10,000 bees banging around between a window and a screen, unable to find that dang little hole they crawled in.

Time for a writerly tip.

Do not over-rely on your thesaurus.

You can’t type in a word and simply choose anything  from the list that pops up to insert into your WIP. Have more respect for your tools. Every word in the English language has color and nuance.

Which leads me to the pet peeve portion of our program.

Responsibility is a big word for me. I never let my kids shirk it. I can’t stand it when parents don’t make their children shoulder it. It infuriates me when adults run away from it. I have often carried way more than my fair share of it. If you go here:


you will get this:

But not all of those words actually mean “responsibility”. Some of the words are close, and some are only related.

One of these words that people use interchangeably with “responsibility” is “fault”.


They are not the same thing.

When a calamity happens, you don’t always have to point a finger and figure out whose fault it is. Grind them into the dirt. MAKE THEM BLEED.

For God’s sake, people. Sometimes poop happens. Let the pooper man up, take responsibility, and get on with life.

Fault only matters if there’s an earthquake.


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  1. An article in the most recent costco magazine (yes, I really do read everything I can get my hands on) says, “Treat every word as if it were worth $1.00”

    Can you imagine if everyone did that? We’d all talk less, mean more, and…well…be broke…

  2. Wow, amkuska. I like that.

    Would words be .79 at Costco?

    In bulk, of course. 😉

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