old spice guy says hello to the ladies

You’ve seen this guy:

Great advertising campaign, right?

Baby, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Sunday night I was editing the Never-Ending Sunflower Scoop, like I usually do. I tend to get punchy whimsical around about then, and I tweeted this:

A frazzled woman having a little fun, okay? So my Twitter-buddy, Kelly Fineman tweets back:

Oh, *giggle giggle*, two ladies entertaining themselves as they drudge away at their laptops late at night.


The next day, Kelly discovers…

How did she let me know?


Really wish I’d had my Flip at the Ol’ Sekrit Writing Location as my buddies and I scrambled to get a look at the clip. And our mouths fell open.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Old Spice is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT.

As far as I can tell, their Product Spokesman is answering questions and bantering with people from Twitter and Facebook, but they are also trawling Twitter for people who ARE JUST TALKING ABOUT OLD SPICE GUY, NOT TO HIM.

Get the difference?

Through this one humorous, 40-second clip on YouTube, Old Spice has lured dozens of people into talking about their product who would not have done so, without it.

And we did talk about it! Whose fathers wore Old Spice, the fact that they have more than one scent now, whose husbands wear it now.

Pray the Old Spice marketing department only uses its brainpower for the public good, because it is comprised of geniuses.

Evil. Geniuses.

I am pounding my brain to figure out how to apply this to marketing our books. PLEASE. COMMENT. I BEG YOU.


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  1. So true. I’d never even heard of Old Spice Guy and now I’m wasting all kinds of time looking at his videos online. Thanks bunches, Lisha.

  2. What. A. Hoot!! Love it!! 😀

  3. It’s taking something that most people can relate to (Old Spice) and putting an addictive twist to it where everyone can take a look, play and have their moment of fame.

    Even though the guy is a hunk, he’s made it (or the powers-that-be that write the script) interesting and amusing. Plus, it helps that he has that deep voice that’s usually used for voiceovers in those superhero cartoons. People — men, women, regular folk, celebrities — want to see if the Old Spice guy takes notice and they squee if he does.

    OK, that’s my 2 cents

  4. I forgot to mention…WOOT for the Old Spice guy mention. What fun!

  5. Okay, we can all agree, hubba-hubba for Old Spice Guy. And they are working this poor actor to death.

    But how can we apply this going out to grab our potential customers to kidlit? I can’t come up with a way to do it yet, without being pervy.


  6. ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!!! I’d like a piece of Old Spice’s abs thanks. Love your BLOG!

  7. Just a piece, Alyson? You’re so restrained.

    I see nobody can think of a way to go out and grab our readers without being a stalker. There’s that whole underage thing going on in our business. Well, if I think of anything I’ll let you guys know. X-(

  8. Kelly Fineman

    I still find this too. damn. funny. Anyhoo – I’m not certain how it could work for the marketing of books, unless you wanted to to make targeted YouTube vlogs somehow. But I think it’s the character recognition that goes with the Old Spice Guy that really “sells” the campaign, so I’m stymied at coming up with anything analogous for books.

  9. I am perfectly capable of becoming a character, Kelly Fineman.

    And everytime I see your name, I hear it in that velvety voice.


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