writing, friends, and jealousy

What happens when your friends become famous?

Been reading some posts about writer jealousy, etc. I don’t have that problem. I suppose I would if I felt like my friends and acquaintances didn’t deserve their successes, but they all do. They are talented and have  worked hard for what they’ve achieved.

I know some pretty masterful writers, published and unpublished. The published include: Elizabeth Bunce, Laura Manivong, Barbara Stuber, Katie Speck, Ann Ingalls, Anola Pickett, Diane Bailey, Colleen Ryckert Cook, Bridget Heos, to name a few who have recently sold books or have had books come out this year. Our critique group is structured so that over the year I have critiqued and been critiqued by all these gals at one time or another. (Am I lucky or what?)

We support each other like a family. We turn out big for launch parties. Show up for additional signings. Promote on our blogs, tweet, facebook. Those farther along in the process give advice. What we DON’T do, is use each other.

So what happens when your friends become famous, if you want them to stay your friends, is…you’re ecstatically happy for them. You promote them whenever you can. You keep their confidences.

Because when YOU get there, don’t you want to have a friend?


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  1. Exactly. Thanks, Lisha!

  2. You came, you read, you commented. I love you Shannon. Pucker up.

  3. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. I love our critique group!! Talented, inspiring writers. Marketers extraordinaire. Unwavering support when the rejections or acceptances come in. And occasional cake!! 😀

  5. Or lemonbars. *slurp*

  6. What the hell are you talking about…famous. Pardon me for one sec, Lisha. “Butler, get those damn paparazzi off my porch! What the hell….ANOTHER royalty check. Give yourself a raise, Chauncey.”

  7. See how busy you are, Famous Laura? Took you a whole month to get here. ❤

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