dirty words: author branding

(There are too many “ings” in this post, but read it anyway.)

Lots of talk about author branding these days.

Oh, Maureen Johnson, look what you hath wrought.

Maureen started it all with a Manifesto declaring herself Author-Branding Free. It’s an interesting story about her encounter with a mindless Facebooker, whose sole purpose in life is GETTING HER MESSAGE OUT THERE and SELLING HER BOOK.

Yeah, I share Maureen’s disdain for the woman and her methods. In fact, I believe the drone is hurting herself. If all she does is bombard people with BUY MY BOOK, she is bo-ring. No one listens.

But don’t go away from reading Maureen’s Manifesto thinking “Yeah! I’m not a brand! I don’t have to participate in any social media!” Because here’s Greg Pincus. He explains what you should be doing–not brainwashing the masses with endless whining about your book, but making connections. Letting the world get to know you.

That’s exactly what Maureen has done. And John Green. And any number of authors who are claiming they aren’t branded. Indeed they are–but they didn’t set out to brand themselves. It just happened while they were having fun.


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  1. It’s an interesting challenge, oftentimes made harder because I think we all use words like “branding” and all view what that means differently. In fact, I suspect more of us agree than disagree… but just don’t know it.

    Thanks for the link!

  2. lishacauthen

    Yes, Greg, just because something brings us sales in the end, doesn’t mean it wasn’t a fun thing to do. Or wasn’t a friendly thing to do. Or a creative thing to do, all on its own.

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