falling in love…with my characters

Any of you who know me in actual-factual walk-around life or twitter fun-life are aware of the fact that I am REVISING THE HECK-FIRE OUT OF my current manuscript.

Well, ladies and gentlemen. Two more chapters to go.

Yahoo, and all that stuff, but I’m already a little sad. Because I love my characters so much I’m going to miss working with them every day.

Writers are the only ones who understand this. If you tell you neighbor you’re going to miss your characters, their response is, “They aren’t real, you know. Shall I call Shady Haven for you? I hear they have full satellite t.v.”

Um, you don’t get it sister.


They’re just made-up.

I ought to know–I’m the one that made them up. From people I have known, people I know now, and parts of me. Those emotions I poured out on those pages had to come from somewhere. If I haven’t felt them, I’ve observed and empathized with them. The “good” emotions and the “bad” ones too.

But it’s time to wrap up this WIP, start querying and release my characters into the wild.

I hope they’re real enough to make it out there.

Anybody else in love with their characters like I am?


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  1. If you aren’t, you should be. If you’re not in love with the characters, how can you expect a reader to fall in love with them?

  2. Gotta love the characters, no doubt. Good post.

  3. Dang skippy, guys.

    Thanks for the back-up.

  4. I feel like that when I sell/place (because “sell” implies money changes hands which we know is not always the case) a story. Like I gave my baby away. To a good home where she’ll be nurtured and loved, but still.

    It’s a happy sad.

  5. Can we at least share custody, Cindi? *sniff*

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