the meanies

There’s a lot of stuff going on about bullying and what to do about it in the media these days. And I say good on everyone for finally saying ENOUGH. Let’s empower the good kids to stand up to the poop heads. If you want to read all about bullying and what to do about it, I’ll let you Google yourself silly. Because what I want to talk about is a corollary to the topic of bullying:

People who like to be mean.

I’m talking about adults, now. And you know the type. They enjoy making people suffer, just for suffering’s sake. I don’t even know how to explain what I’m trying to say, I understand it so little.

They enjoy being the cause of other people’s pain.

They like to get back at other people, for the slightest imagined transgression.

They like to pick a fight so they can win it.

They hold grudges so they have something to gossip about.

They destroy people’s reputations for sport.

They are always keeping score. And by God, they will win at the Game of Life.

Am I making sense?

They permeate politics, sports organizations and your PTA. My God, they thrive in the PTA. It almost never gets them anywhere. Why do they do it? I can’t wrap my head around the only conclusion I can come up with:

Just for fun.


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  1. I think it’s low self esteem. Nobody who feels good about herself wants to hurt other people. Low self esteem + group think creates bullies and bullying groups. And, in general, bullies are miserable people, bringing down everybody in their wake. They’re probably bullied somewhere in their lives. No, this doesn’t “excuse” their behavior at all. And, like you said, some people are just plain mean (which is REALLY hard for me to get). But how do we empower the good kids? How do we give them a voice?

    Just thoughts …


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