yeah, scene surgery, but what else?


Open up your creaky gray matter, and hearken back to what your literature teacher told you about the three types of conflict:

Man VS Nature

Man VS Man

Man VS Self

Or something like that.

Each chapter should be replete with conflict. Nay, each SCENE should have conflict.

Some conflict is more conflicty than others. Whether it’s tiny tensions, minor disagreements, friendly banter, something has to push and pull in your writing.

Even if your chapter is about a happy family dinner, the cook will  be in a race with the clock and the stove. Dad will be fighting the traffic to get home. Junior will be disentangling from friends and finishing homework. Minor, yes, but a good writer can make it entertaining enough to keep the reader going until you get to the important plot-stuff.  And a REALLY GOOD writer makes it ALL about the plot-stuff.


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