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My Twitter faux-nemesis, Mike Jung, posted a blog about the difference between his virtual-temperament and walking-around-self.  Writers are encouraged to have a large on-line presence these days, and the bigger the personality, the better.

You could say that Mike projects a rather *ahem* large personality on Twitter.

Yet he claims that if you meet him in the flesh you will be overcome with his genteel self-effacement.  What is one to make of this conundrum?

Mike Jung is a big fat liar.

No, seriously.

Let’s take the example of the guy who “goes on a toot” on Saturday night, then crawls into the chuch pew next to you on  Sunday morning smelling of Axe and Tic-Tacs.  He nods  approvingly every few minutes during the sermon on temperance.  Which of those faces is the real deal?


C. G. Jung, another Jung almost as famous as Mike, tells us that as individuals we have unlimited potential.  We choose consciously and unconsciously what parts of our character to express–whether to be kind or brusque, generous or selfish, dignified or Mike Jung.

We are ALL libertines; some of us suppress it and some of us let ‘er rip.  But we are also Puritans. Some on the inside, others on the outside.


So how much should we worry about making sure our insides and outsides match?

Not one little bit.  We should strive to to make the wall between our interior and exterior selves porous.  We shouldn’t be afraid to know what we’re hiding.  Hell.  Let it come out to play!  That hilarious sarcasm you’ve recently unleashed may like it out in the sun.

Right, Mike Jung?


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  1. Aw, well see, that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, and not in a diseased or vermin-riddled way. The GOOD kind of warm and fuzzy.

  2. Oh so this is where you guys have been hiding! Thought I wouldn’t find you huh? Well you were wrong! Now you both shall never escape my nosiness!

    And in real life Mike actually has no sense of humor and only pretends to be funny. I have been secretly feeding him all his funny and sarcastic sayings for a $1 per word in order to sustain my donut addiction.

  3. You people are proving my point. In the physical world, we are all responsible people with soul-crushing jobs, volunteer commitments and children who fear us. Yet on-line and in our writing, we are sassy-asses.

    Well, I am actually a sassy-ass all the time now. But that’s become I’m older than you two. My wall is porouser.

    Thanks for being exhibit A and B. You’re always such good sports!

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