recession-proofing kids


I had no idea that I’ve been raising recession-proof kids for the past 25 years.  And it’s been so effortless.  I’ve done it with four simple words:

“We can’t afford it.”

Gotta tell ya, I’m pretty tired of all these hand-wringing articles advising parents how to break it to their little darlings that they can’t have every whim that crosses their little pea-brains.  Tell me the truth–did you get everything you wanted when you were growing up?  Neither did I.  Somehow, we survived.

The whole notion of petted, privileged children is a new one.  In the past children worked for their keep.  They had to pull their weight, and the chores they were in charge of could often mean the difference between eating and starving.

Which you’d think would be too much responsibility for a kid to deal with.  Should have made him a nervous wreck.  But in fact, kids that have such chores turn out to have higher self-esteem, more competence, self-discipline, etc.

Oh, irony.  By giving our kids everything, we took away so much more.


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