road trip!!!

Two of my writing buddies and I are going on a magical mystery tour, (without the LSD), in a VW bus, (more like a Buick), to Iowa, (well, really upper Missouri, but close), to meet with other SCBWIan sorts and…write!

It’s a write-in, man, a HAPPENIN’!  With possible cow birthing.

We are going to write, eat, play games, (all sorts), write and eat.


Let me put it this way:


This is my first writers’ retreat.  But it has occurred to me that it dang well better not be my last.  Sure, it would be great to have a facilitated retreat at a spa with Famous Literary Figure, but there’s no reason that a satisfying retreat can’t be had by friendly sorts who gather at a farm, cottage or revival tent with good intentions.

I’ll let you know how it goes.  Oooo, hope at least one calf decides to make its appearance this weekend.

Better pack my camera.


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