support Iran’s people

I digress today from writing and children.

But not from imagination and creating.

The Iranian people have taken to the streets to push for their freedom.  We forget that this happened before, has  happened for years now.  Dissent has steadily grown.  Will change come this time?  Or will it take 30 more years?  We’ll find out soon.

Thirty years ago, Iran was an extremely westernized, educated nation.  Then the Shah took power, and the Dark Ages returned.

I worked at an international shipping line in Houston in the 80’s.  One night I worked late, and went to the copy room.  The Iranian-American teletypist was there, tippity-tapping away.  But she wasn’t working.  Her brother was employed in Iran at a firm with a teletype machine, and they spoke once a month. On the sly. It was the only way they could communicate.  If he had been caught…well, not good.

Now they would be on Twitter.  Because as fast as the government shuts down the protesters’ papers and phone lines, outsiders are helping them with satellite feeds.

Be a part of that.

Go here for live twitter feed of the Iranian Revolution

Join the facebook group I Suppport the Iranian Protesters


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