napibowriwee gone wrong

Depending on your perspective, I was either duped, shamed, or lured under false pretenses into participating in the NaPiBoWriWee. Write seven picture books in seven days.  It’s a great idea started by a fab gal, and I have absolutely no business participating.

Because this is what you get, when a YA writer turns her talents on the picture book genre:



Ants march along the top of my window sill,

Following the trail of sweet crystals I laid for them this morning.

I lower my eye to their level

Watch them feel the granules

Choose the right ones for their babies

Then march off on their tiny feet

Imagine I can hear them stomp, stomp, stomp down the wall,

Along the oaken baseboard

Under the shaggy carpet

Around the blaring t.v. while my dumb brother watches

Mud wrestling.

What industrious ant parents!

They trudge, trudge, trudge down the porch steps,

Across the grass

Into the hole under the old oak tree

And feed their adorable baby ants

Sweet crystals from my window sill.

Also known as arsenic.

Don’t worry, parents.  As soon as this week is over, it’s back to the dark land of YA I shall go.  Hanging out in picture book country makes my teeth hurt.  And I am vastly underqualified, because picture book writing is definitely THE MOST DIFFICULT GENRE OF ALL CHILDREN’S LITERATURE.


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  1. Ahahaha! Love it! But yeah, perhaps you should stay in the dark land of YA…. 😉

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