Creepy or Inspiring?

Alrighty then.  I’ve watched these things for about an hour now.  Can’t decide if they’re amazing homages or horrible desecrations.

Let me know what you think.  Because I really can’t sort it out.


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  1. Oh God, I can’t watch! It’s ruining the literature of my life. I can’t get past Whitman, and refuse to dig further into this sad, sad hole. Ooh, I’m creeped out!

  2. Yeow!!!

    I know there are CDs of famous poets reading their own work (and I’ve been meaning to buy and listen to them). For a nano-second I thought these were the real deal…but quickly realized that they were NOT. 🙂

    When my mom was a teen in Massachusetts, she and friends went to listen to a new poet recite his poetry…it was Robert Frost. Very cool.

  3. I vote creepy. Very, very creepy.Especially Whitman, and they way his expression tries to change…

  4. So far, three creepies. Gotta say I’m not surprised. They’re not quite Clutch Cargo, which is somehow, not AS creepy because it doesn’t pretend to be anything more than jiggling lips.

    They’re like re-animated corpses, aren’t they?

    Judy H. That is one nifty story about your mom. Sounds like an interesting possibility for an article, to me. (GINORMOUS NUDGE IN THE RIBS.)

  5. creepy, esp Frost’s half mouth

  6. Definitely creepy. I can’t decide which one freaked me out the most. They all have a peculiar sort of undead quality to them, like Zombie Masterpiece Theater or something.

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