I have been chastised.


By Bottled Lightning and Freckles McYoungest.  (Boywonder doesn’t give a flyin’ monkey butt.)


About my language. No, not the %&**@#!! kind.  They’re fine with that.  It’s text slang.  Apparently, you have to have a license to use it, and there’s an age criteria.  Under 30.

Things like “K” instead of okay.



I guess those words aren’t so cool when they’ve been typed by liver-spotted, arthritic fingers.  I get it.  If your mother understands teenspeak, it kind of defeats the purpose.  Tribal jargon is a fine tool for keeping the old folks at arm’s length.

But I’m a YA writer and I think I should get a special dispensation.  How else am I going to grasp the colloquialisms of the foreign tongue?

They are harshin’ my squee.  Prolly gonna have to deal.



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Lisha Cauthen writes YA novels for guys that girls like to read too.

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