10 sites for kidlit authors, and other funlovers

This is known as “The Lazy Girl’s Way to Blog”.


But these really are great links.  If I do say so myself.  I surf the net until my toes are wrinkled every week, putting together the Sunflower Scoop newsletter for KSCBWI.  I’ve picked up a few things along the way.


Keenan Gundy. Dovie Bertog. Hedwig Nardone.

Names from the random name generator.


Secret Agent contest.  A list of middle grade pirate novels.  Book promotion for the non-blockbuster.

Go to the Children’s Writers and Illustrators Message Board run by Verla Kay.


This is a fab blog written by rotating midwestern kidlit authors.   They even have brilliant guest bloggers, like myself.  Here’s my guide to writing Guy Lit.


Want to have your query letter gutted like a fat, juicy Rhode Island Red?  Go to Evil Editor.  Even if you just watch others lose their innards, it’s instructive.  And entertaining.


The nitty-gritty of how to make submissions, write a synopsis, find an agent, etc.  Cynthea Liu.


It’s a dictionary!  Thesaurus!  Reference!  Translator!  All in one!


I’m not afraid of the dark. But your character is.

Like the cliche of the cursed lottery winner, how can the best thing that has happened in the story so far be turned into a terrible thing?

Tomorrow morning your character rolls over and sees the fruit of last nights mistake sleeping on their pillow…more interesting: maybe they don’t regret it.

Put your character in a sticky situation with the Random Plot Generator.


Know what all the proofreading marks are and what they mean?  Now you do.


Side boob.  LNSOL.  Xeus.

Don’t know what those mean?  Try the Urban Dictionary.


I love a good word cloud, don’t you?

Freckles McYoungest and I have been watching Lost in Space DVDs this evening.  So I will leave you with this:


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