to find an agent


Agent research.

My least favorite thing.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  My least favorite thing is:

Agent research is my second least favorite thing.

It’s hard to figure out who to trust with your unrealistic hopes and overwrought dreams with only a few interviews on the internet and a list of books they’ve peddled.  Yes, I realize things aren’t a done-deal until the ink on the contract is dry.  On the other hand, I don’t want to waste time on a, shall we say, dead end?


I’ve learned a few research tricks along the way, and here are some to get you started:

AGENT QUERY–Here, you can put in a book title to search for the agent that sold it.  Search by agency name,    agent name, or genre you are researching.  Of course, you can only find the book/agency/agent/genre if the agent has filled in a profile.

QUERY TRACKER–This site has “Quick-Click Research Tools” for Publisher’s Marketplace, Preditors and Editors, Google, among others.  You can also use their software to keep track of your querying process.

GUIDE TO LITERARY AGENTSEnormous amounts of query info, agent moves and interviews.  Scroll down mid-page on the left to find the search engine.

If you’re a children’s writer you should already belong to SCBWI.  Join, and you’ll get access to a fat file of info, which includes a list of literary agencies.  And a bimonthly bulletin with info and agent and editor moves.  And there’s an online forum.  Conferences.  Contests.  Grants.  Etc.

Also, check out the Children’s Writers and Illustrators Message Board, better known as the Blueboards.  It’s hosted by a fab children’s author, Verla Kay.  Besides all the other info and updates, there’s a place to post agent response times as well as other scuttlebutt.

And a forum called Absolute Write Water Cooler with a topic moderated by Victoria Strauss, among others, who runs Writer Beware and the accompanying  blog with A.C. Crispin.

I guess I’ve wasted as much time as possible.  Time to tune into my higher self, flip on my b.s. meter and get out my dowsing rods.

Good luck to both of us!


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