go wild!


Okay, I’ve set my goal.  1500 words a day: pearls, dreck, it matters not.  So far, I can whip it out in a couple of hours.  Let’s see, 1500 words  times five days a week, times 8 weeks = 60,000 words.  That oughta be enough to find a second draft somewhere.

That’s the part of writing that I hate–worrying about where I’m going.  The part I love is the two hours that I don’t notice going by, as I  tippity-tap 1500 words.  Its probably the only time I’m not worrying about results.

I give myself permission to rewrite scenes three times in a row, from different points of view or with different dialogue, or with characters missing or added.

I can jump three days ahead without explanation.

Rewrite the beginning…somewhere in the middle.

Change the main character from a fairy to a wart hog.

Figure out how the fruit bat gets into the quarterback’s pants later.

I was lucky enough to hear Lin Oliver speak at KSCBWI’s conference last September.  She said,  “I love my brain.” 

I do too.  It’s amazing, the stuff that seeps out of your brain, through your fingers and into your laptop if you give it permission.

So let it all out.  Go wild today!


Well, maybe not THAT wild.


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