the answer, my friend, is blowin’

#1  The Great Gazoo

#2  Drive Ins


#3  Klackers.  (I know what you thought.)

“Clackers came on the market in the late 60s and lasted into the early 70s. Clackers were never made of glass. The kinda looked like glass but they weren’t. They were made with acrylic balls, (very dense type of plastic material) on a string with a ring or small handle in the middle. Some had no ring or paddle.. but just as easy to use. The point was to get the two balls going and have them “klick” against each other. You would build up momentum until they were hitting on the top and bottom in an arc. Very hard to do at first. I still have never done it! Then you would just keep going until you drove people around you crazy with the noise.”

#4  Heckle and Jeckle


4 correct answers……..Holy Toledo.  You still breathin’?

3 correct answers……..How long have you been a member of AARP?

2 correct answers……..Student of Pop Culture

1 correct answer……….You’ve been browsing youtube, haven’t you?

0 correct answers………Spend some time with your grandma

Okay, ’nuff fun.  Back to reading, writing and kidlit next week.


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Lisha Cauthen writes YA novels for guys that girls like to read too.

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