for writers: crossing the threshold in the hero’s journey

Okay, let’s get our Hero going.

Shane from Maine has prepared for his trip and received counsel and his talisman.  He has given a tearful goodbye to his significant other,  Piddles, (the incontinent poodle), and is ready to proceed.

He goes to the airport and meets Stacie Stewardess, better known as the THRESHOLD GUARDIAN.  This archetype may appear at the start of the Hero’s Journey, right before, or right after.

“Your carry-on must fit in the overhead bin, sir,” she says.

“It will,”, he says.

“Looks to big too me,” she says.

That’s what she said,” he says.

“Huh?” she says.

Stacie Stewardess directs him to place his luggage in the sizing box.

“It fits,” she says.

That’s what she said,” he says.

“Huh?” she says.

What you have just witnessed in this amazing exchange is a test from the THRESHOLD GUARDIAN.  He/she/it must be sure that the hero is worthy of passing the threshold.  Through his amazing packing ability, Shane from Maine has passed the first test.

But wait!  There’s more!

“Ticket?”  she asks.

Shane from Maine smiles smugly, as he is equipped with the magic talisman known as “ticket”.  He is allowed to board the plane, leaving the Common Day and crossing the threshold.

Before taking off, Stacie Stewardess, like a good THRESHOLD GUARDIAN, warns our hero of the perils ahead.

“In the unlikely event of a drop in cabin pressure, oxygen masks will descend.”

“The temperature in Italy is currently ninety degrees.”

Stacie Stewardess leans over Shane from Maine and says, ” Cheese exporting from Italy has been banned.”

But Staci Stewardess is a small and weak female.  What could she possibly know?  THRESHOLD GUARDIANS are full of doomsday warnings, but they are weak characters.  The Hero ignores him/her/it, though companions may be affected by her pronouncements.

Shane from Maine pays her no never mind, and blithely deboards in Rome.

And now the fun begins.


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