evolution attribution

Fists raised toward the sky, chest inflated, head thrown back:

…dances of victory.
According to those scientists that are always saying something, all primates react the same way in the throes of victory. 

Even if they’re blind.

Is everything evolution?  Look at your parents and pray that it’s not.

I hate reading articles that tell us we haven’t changed our behavior since we were missing links.  It makes me feel like everything is preordained.  You can’t escape your brain map. 

Michael Phelps stands at the end of his lane, screaming with joy.  Are you telling me it’s not spontaneous?  Not unique to Michael Phelps?  It’s just a genetic tape that’s been plugged in?

Well, hell’s bells.  Next thing you’ll tell me is that there’s nothing new under the sun.

Oh, I beg to differ.


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