undead and lovin’ it



Shaun of the Dead 28 Days Later.    The Hills Have Eyes.

Ya gotta love a good zombie flick.  Sure, we all know that zombies come from Haiti.  

But did you know that philosophers have raging arguments about zombies?

“Imagine God creating the world and deciding to bring into existence the whole of the physical universe according to a full specification P in purely physical terms. P describes such things as the distribution and states of elementary particles throughout space and time, together with the laws governing their behavior. Now, having created a purely physical universe according to this specification, did God have to do something further in order to provide for human consciousness? Answering Yes to this question implies there is more to consciousness than the purely physical facts can supply. If nothing else, it implies that consciousness requires nonphysical properties in the strong sense that such properties would not exist in a purely physical world: it would be a zombie world.”

If you would care to go further down this road, go here.  The rest of us will carry on without you.

veryslowly                                   cmerebaby

Zombies are monsters, but they are not “other”.  They’re human, but not feeling so good.

Like the Japanese and Godzilla, Americans have an obsession with the zombie. 

Maybe we identify with the zombie’s predicament.  They shuffle through life, with no hope or creativity.  Consuming is their only goal.

Sound familiar?  Eh?

Or maybe we want to be zombies.  We’re tired of thinking, of worrying, of trying to climb out of our ruts.

Either way, we get to keep consuming.

What a country!


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